Our Approach

At H4 Architects and Engineers we pride ourselves on making a difference no matter how big or how small.  We work as a team with our client, contractor, and other consultants to create an exceptional product.

Our Story

J. Allan Hensley, Jr. and Sherie Hensley shared nearly two decades of experience when their passion for design led them to establish their own firms. Allan founded H4 Architects in November 2011. Sherie founded H4 Engineers in September 2013. The two companies became one in February 2015.

H4 Architects and Engineers is an architectural and MEP engineering studio with over 55 years of combined experience in the construction industry. Drawing from this experience, our team listens to your needs and presents creative solutions. We are dedicated to providing attention to detail along with innovative, sustainable, well-coordinated, and cost-effective design solutions. We are not only creating projects but building long-lasting relationships.

Meet the Family

H4 Architects & Engineers is made up of outstanding experienced individuals who work as a team. As Dr. Dalah Halderman stated, “Individual talents get magnified many times over through the collective lens of an effective team.” It takes teamwork throughout the entire process to make a project a successful reality. Planning, coordination, and communication are of utmost importance. Our team builds on each other’s strengths to reach project goals and exceed owner’s expectations.

We take our work seriously but know how to have fun as well. We are a family oriented office. We have just as much fun outside the office as we do inside. We have spontaneous lunches, build in the AIA Sandcastle, run the Insane Inflatables 5K, eat and play volleyball at company BBQs, and so much more.